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How to use the fraction to decimal calculator

Do you need to convert a fraction to a decimal? For example, if you have five out of 15 marbles, how can you represent that as a decimal? Or, what if you are baking a cake and want to know if there’s enough for 10 adults and 6 kids? This tool does all that for you plus much more!

To convert a fraction to a decimal, there are three different methods. The first way is to multiply the numerator and denominator by their Greatest Common Factor (GCF). The second method is to divide both numbers by the same number until one of them becomes zero. The third way is to move the decimal point two places right of the original place.

Fraction to decimal converter lets you convert between fractions, decimals and a ratio. Quickly convert between fractions, decimals and a ratio. Enter the numerator and denominator separately.

Fraction to decimal converter is used to express a mixed number as a decimal. Fractions are made up of a numerator, which represents the quantity of parts, and a denominator, which represents the number of parts in one whole. It is possible to convert between fractions and decimals by dividing the top of the fraction by the bottom.

Note on 0 as denominator in a fraction

When your denominator is 0, the answer will always be infinity.